Join the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

We are calling on revolutionaries to join by orienting their collectives, spaces, and defense groups towards Revolutionary Abolitionism.

We are asking groups that agree with the political framework laid out in the text, to help build the Underground Railroad and join the broader network. If groups in multiple cities create outreach platforms, have the means to train new revolutionaries, organize self-defense groups or action teams, and create councils and/or communes to establish political infrastructure they will be helping to establish a viable resistance network.

If you would like to build in person, you can request an organizer and we can potentially send someone to your town to work through ideas and establish projects. If you are looking for a group in your area contact us and we can put you in touch.

If organizing a collective is difficult in your area and you do not feel there is the capacity to create larger political infrastructure just yet, we are also encouraging people to form solidarity groups that organize actions, study political theory, and hold events.

Operating Principles

Get in Touch

If you want to become a RAM organizer, drop us a line!