Out of the Ruins of DACA

Posted: 07 Sep 2017

Out of the Ruins of DACA

The US government’s attack on the undocumented today is a remarkably cruel and hateful act. While the Trump regime positions itself, deliberately, on the side of Neo-Nazi’s in the street, it also takes executive actions that may as well have been drafted in the Ku Klux Klan’s headquarters. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was standard fare for US “progressive” legislation, in that it made piecemeal reforms for some, criminalized others, and was open ended enough to be destroyed with the simple stroke of a pen. Eight hundred thousand people now are threatened with the increasingly active brunt of the repressive white supremacist state.

People from Latin America intimately know about the weight and violence of US imperial and racial arrogance. People remember the legacy of American conquerer William Walker declaring himself president of Nicaragua with the goal of expanding slavery from the Confederacy to the heart of Central America. Few can forget how the US invaded Mexico during the revolution to stop the triumphant march of Zapata and Villa. The overthrow of Arbenz and Allende, the reestablishment of slavery in Haiti, or the syphilis experiments on Guatemalan citizens, are all just a small testament of the horrors of US barbarism in the region.

This wanton violence coupled with the savagery of US free trade agreements has created the perfect storm. When people attempt to escape US-imposed poverty and travel north they are met with bigotry, right wing violence, and a government out of control. ICE raids, fascist militias, and a racialized murderous police force are all empowered to act and emboldened by a particularly unhinged White House.

The magnitude of the tragedies we are faced with expand every day, but it is through our efforts we can create a new world where borders are meaningless. The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement stands in solidarity with every person facing deportation. Join us, and together let’s build the infrastructure to help keep people safe in the short term, and as we grow, create the bonds that will allow us to build a new world together. Every revolutionary group has the capacity to create sanctuaries and safe houses, every revolutionary center can be a place of solace for those embattled, every antifa crew has the knowledge to train others to protect their communities. Together in struggle we will build ties to bury white supremacy for good, and create a world worth living in.

Til the borders lie in ruin!

Para todos todo, para nosotros nada

Hasta la Victoria, Siempre

Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves

Until victory, forever!