Now is the Time to Stand Against the Alt-Right

Posted: 29 May 2017

Richard Collins III, Rick Best, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche

The escalation of racist violence in our communities must be put to an end.

This past week, the fascists of the alt-right twice lashed out against the innocent, cruelly taking three lives. In Maryland, Richard Collins III was murdered by an alt-right white supremacist in a racist attack. In Portland, a member of the alt-right murdered Rick Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche and seriously injured a third as they stood up to protect two Muslim women he was harassing on the train. The attack was celebrated in alt-right message boards with one participant voicing a common sentiment, “this is actually the sort of shit that ought to be happening.”

White supremacist violence in the United States has a morbid consistency. As we mourned the heinous murders of Dylann Roof, we were rocked by the death of Timothy Caughman in NYC.

The US plantation system can never answer for these acts since this political system is the main perpetrator of white supremacist violence. In actuality this violence is the bedrock, the foundation of American society. So the recent wave of black church burnings, or the rash of killings by police, from Tamir Rice to Sandra Bland, is the norm.

As the alt-right, neo-nazis, III%-ers, and Oath Keepers threaten our communities, they are abetted and encouraged by the criminal justice system, the police, and politicians. As Attorney General Jeff Session drafts new legislation to expand the barbaric prison industrial system, the Republican, alt-right Trump administration’s mercenaries carry our their ruthless agenda at the street level.

Today, the frequency of attacks and the openness with which the far right advocates for further violence and applauds the growing body count represents a pivotal moment for all revolutionaries and people of good conscience.

The only effective response to the far right will come in the form of revolutionary struggle against the white supremacist system, and revolutionary justice for those who perpetuate and plan racist violence. For all the misery, all the tears shed, and all the children, and parents whose lives were destroyed, the time to take a stand is here.

The battle against reactionary forces is a battle for life, for humanity, and for freedom and we must rise to the occasion. Every member of the far right, no matter their moniker, is a purveyor of white nationalism and white supremacy. These fascists should be relentlessly combated and opposed.

The everyday actions by those who instinctually fight fascism, those who put their lives on the line to defend their neighbors against the alt-right, like the fallen in Portland are a model for all of humanity. Their bravery must be supported and their autonomous initiative expanded through revolutionary networks that train all those committed to protecting their communities in the most effective forms of defense. Furthermore, the battle against white supremacy has the potential, through the struggle, to create a world where racial barriers are torn down, borders become meaningless, and social relations are established through cooperation.

We stand unrelentingly with the oppressed, undeterred, and we will not stop fighting until white supremacists and the plantation from which they emerged are reduced to nothing but dust in the crucible of history.